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For Men In London Tired
Of Not Getting The Results They Want

I developed the 90 Day Physique Accelerator  specifically for driven men in London that want a body they can be proud of.

This is not only personal training, but a unique 12 week syllabus that intentionally teaches you the skills you need to transform your body and create lasting change.

On the course, you will develop a personalised system of eating, training and living so you can take the steps to start developing your dream physique by focusing on three areas:


It's important to identify not only what your ideal body is, but to make sure you really understand what it will take. The program teaches you how to make your goals a reality by including a system of 'inner game' (mindset) so you are programmed for success.


Is your training adapted to your unique skeletal and muscle structure? Does it take into account your injury history, as well as your recovery abilities? Is your exercise protocol specifically adapted to your goals? Well, I believe it should be, and that for optimal results, it must be.



You are what you eat. On the 90 Day Physique Accelerator, you will learn to eat according to your individual metabolism, lifestyle and dietary requirements. A diet is only sustainable as long as you have lifestyle habits that make it a reality which is why on the 90 Day Physique Accelerator, we make it is a point to find sustainable dietary habits that are built around your lifestyle.

Body Transformations

Tim Robinson

I grew up overweight and struggled with a lack of confidence in my teens and early adulthood.

At age 15, I became determined to remodel both my body and my character, and began to learn about training and mindset to develop myself and my physique. This taught me the value of hard work and self belief. I learned that if I focused my mind, sought the right guidance and was prepared to work hard that I could achieve my goal.

Working with men in London to enable them to achieve results they once thought were impossible is my passion.

I started working in fitness in 2007 and have specifically specialised in Male Body Transformation in London from 2013.

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