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I help professionals in London get in the best shape of their lives

The Tim Robinson Coaching Method is a 6 step transformation program, that has been refined by years of experience to help average guys get into great shape.

1.Goal Setting

The first thing I do as your coach is trying to find out exactly what you want.

Whether your goal is fat loss, getting stronger, or building muscle, clear goal setting is key to any successful transformation. This comes by setting clear goals with end dates to achieve them by. Once we find out your personal goals, we can then tailor your training program accordingly.

You can find out here, how we set goals for effective body transformation.

2. Weekly Measurements

Tape measurements, scale weight and photo comparisons, along with body fat testing are used to track your physical changes and make sure you are working towards your targets.

You gain access to all your results week by week, as well as your training program, nutritional guidance and measurements on a file I share with you on Google Drive. Nutritional and training guidelines are amended monthly to weekly or even workout to workout depending on your individual adaptations and rate of progress.

3. Customised Nutrition

The old expression ‘abs are built in the kitchen’ rings true.
Getting a full grip on the quantity and quality of the food you eat is key to building muscle and burning body fat.

Successful nutrition is about learning a set of behavioral habits that you can implement with success whilst finding out what works best for you. It is a process that is slightly different for everyone, however, there are some nutritional principles that are adored to help you get in great shape.


In certain cases, we will work together to create diet plans based on foods you enjoy.

Normally, I’ll teach you how to use a macro and calorie counter such as MyFitnessPal which makes the whole process of body transformation 10x easier by allowing you to take a flexible approach to dieting.



4. Customised Training Plan –

A well-developed physique is incomplete without a degree of muscular development. I teach all my clients how to build muscle and strength as a key part of the transformation.

Typically the training techniques we will use to build muscle will center around compound exercises, which have been shown by science to be the most effective at building muscle and increasing overall strength. Compound exercises are effective as they utilize many muscle groups at once which leads to maximum muscle fiber recruitment.

We use progressive overload to build strength and muscle through the course of a transformation.

Progressive overload is the building up of gradual stress on the body’s musculature in order to increase strength and muscle size.

Providing form is perfect, we can do this in several ways, the most common simply being by increasing the size of the weight we are using. However, often, increasing the size of the weight will not yield greater strength and muscle gains if exercise form is compromised, this is why we can overload in a whole number of other ways including increasing sets, reps, time under tension and potentially increasing or decreasing rest times.

We will choose the training techniques that best suit your level of ability and your goals.

5. Fat Loss Techniques

If fat loss is one of your goals, then we will introduce a form of cardiovascular exercise to help your body burn fat (technically, oxidize adipose tissue). Depending on your conditioning level, we will use
either interval or steady state cardio to help you achieve your fat loss targets.

Both these types of cardio. can be

effective, and it comes down to time restrictions, recovery rate along with personal preference when finding what works best for you.

We will measure the intensity of your training using a heart rate monitor which will allow us to work to percentages of your maximum heart rate (220- your age gives you an approximate of 100% of your heart rate).

For fat loss, heart rate based intermittent interval training (referred to as HIIT) has been shown to be extremely effective. If you have the appropriate conditioning level, we will use it in our training to help you get maximum fat loss results.

6. Coaching

Once a week, we talk about your progress in your transformation. We set aside a specific time to goal set, review the week’s progress and prepare for the next week.

We will review your original goals and evaluate your progress, along with discussing strategies to overcome the obstacles you will likely face on your journey. Every lifestyle offers unique challenges, which is why it is important for us to go through these and come up with solutions to help you keep making progress.


Many common challenges you may expect to face include a lack of time, occasional loss of motivation, along with a lack of good food choices when eating out.


Each week, we will have a chance to address these challenges so ultimately you progress smoothly and have a game plan to adhere to that is relative to your lifestyle.

Creating steps together is key for us going forward and is required at each stage of the training and coaching process.

We will determine the weekly big wins, what you can do better,  as well as setting targets for the following week. Overcoming obstacles is a challenge every client will face, and these sessions are crucial for planning ahead and making sure you don’t get derailed on your body transformation.

Putting It All Together

Most guys know, if they eat less, and move more, then they too can lose weight.

And most know, that if they want to build muscle, they need to eat more protein and do some weight training.

But, if it’s that simple, then why isn’t everyone in shape?

Well, that’s the challenge, it’s not quite that simple.

You are a unique specimen, with individual requirements, strengths, weaknesses, and achieving your goals will require a strategy that is unique to you.

The exercises your body responds best to, your availability to train, your eating habits, the reasons that motivate you to get in the gym in the first place, your metabolic rate, your end goal, your starting point.

These are all things that are unique to you.

Your program needs to be tailored to you in order to have optimal results.

This is why my 6 step process gets great results with clients.

Because I teach a strategy for life.



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