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Do you want to get into great shape without putting your life on hold?

My Program Is For

  • London chaps that have tried to build muscle/get ripped before but always fallen short of the wow factor.

  • Men that want to become stronger than they have ever been.

  • Anybody who realizes its now or never, and wants to take action before its too late and they have their best years in the rear window.

    These Men Took Up The Challenge



When Bart started training


It’s Ti

me To Get In The Shape Of Your Life                       

What Makes Tim Robinson Coaching Different

  • I care about getting great results with ALL my clients.

  • I have a proven track record of getting the best body transformations in London

  • I am obsessed with learning the most effective strategies to build muscle, burn fat, increase strength and optimize the human machine in general. This translates into world-class results for my clients.

Results Men Like You Have Achieved





Meet Jonathan. He slashed his body fat down to 9.1 percent whilst gaining 10lbs of muscle. Not a bad result if you want to look like you go to the gym. He also added over an inch to his arms and now looks like he lifts. Courtesy of Jonathan’s great work in the gym, a few of his mates have started training with me.






This is Kamil. He wanted to lose his belly and did so in spectacular fashion. After he dropped 7 kilos of belly fat he revealed abdominal muscles he never thought he would have.

My Program is Suitable if

  • You want great results without having to dedicate every waking hour of your life to the gym.

  • You want to truly master your body and build health from the inside out. Not just look great, but feel great too.

  • You want to learn how to train properly to get results for Your Body. Including learning how to plan your training and mastering exercise form for the exercises that suit you best.

How We Get You In Shape For Life

1. Consultation/Taster Session – Let’s get to know each other by having a one to one consultation so we can find out exactly what your fitness goals are and what you want to achieve.





2. Your Training-  We devise a plan based around exercises and techniques that fit your body best. We use scientifically proven principles to help transform your body along with my experience based from my 12 years experience in the bodybuilding and fitness field.





3. Nutrition – Just like training, your nutrition needs to be tailored to you to get the best results possible. We tailor a diet plan suited to your requirements to help you get into great shape.

Do You Want To Find Out More About My Program?

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Do You Want To Find Out More About My Program?

Do You Want To Find Out More About My Program?

Get In Touch