3 Tips To Get Lean

Tim is my name and occasionally getting lean is my game (picture is about 13kg ago now as my goals have shifted and I am focusing on muscle building.

Here are 3 tips to help you get lean if you chasing the trim.

1. Eat nutrient dense, calorie sparse foods in plenty (foods that can fill you yet don’t pack enough calories to lead to morbit fat gains)… What are we talking about here?
Vegetables, some fruits.. Like you mother always said.. True tho.

2. Count calories by using MyFitnessPal (a free app) …. Ill give you another angle on this.. Counting calories will increase your awareness of the calories in the food you eat.. You’ll know more what your putting in your body.. You won’t take certain snacks so lightly knowing they can derail your goals.
Track for a while and you’ll get smarter.

3. Find ways to lower stress.. Why?? When you diet stress levels can increase.. Taking care of ways to stay calm can prevent us going of the rails and eating everything.. Warm baths, massage, meditation if you into that.
State management is Probs the most overlooked part of dieting.
Be good to yourself your worth it. Innit.

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