Finding The Truth

I believe there is a difference between objective and subjective reality when it comes to gym goals.

I define ‘subjective’ in the fitness realm as – ‘subject to how we feel’
examples being
‘I feel fat/skinny’, or ‘I don’t feel I am progressing fast enough’ which are then often mistaken as objective truth.
Whereas I believe objective reality in the gym is something that we can definitely say in the material realm of human existence is true.
Examples being, ‘My scale weight has gone up/down’ ‘I lifted x more than last time’ ‘My waist is x inches smaller’ –

These are things that can be said to be true in every sense of the word. Whereas ‘I feel fat’ doesn’t actually mean you are fat. –

The point is, learn to be aware whenever you allow your temperament to be dictated by subjective judgments regarding your body.
If you allow this to happen you are at the whim of random thoughts that may not favour your goals. –

Get in touch/find out all the objective markers relating to your goal, and practice concentrating your training effort towards those. –

Happy training effort guys.

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