Don’t Believe Everything You Think

You can have chips at lunch as part of a balanced diet just make sure it matches your goals.

BTW when it comes to making decisions about food be aware of the state of mind that you eat in… If you eat foods in a state of guilt (I shouldn’t be eating this) , be aware this is an extremely low mental state to exist in… Compared to states such as love, peace, gratitude etc. –
Enjoy your food and appreciate it, bring gratitude into your awareness whilst eating it.
It’s my opinion that when we experience gratitude and appreciation for food we are less likely to over eat as overeating in itself is an escapism of sorts from a perceived state of suffering.. (I comfort eat because I’m stressed). If you are experiencing the emotion of gratitude then that by its very nature is less suffering than guilt. So guilt over food perpetrates the pattern of overeating as the overeating is an escapism from suffering that is brought upon by guilt. The classic vicious cycle. –
When you eat, being grateful for your food and then applying gratitude to as much of your life as consciously possible makes eating more of a joyful experience and less of an escapism. –
Swipe to right to see the states of mind more clearly.

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