What Does Getting Lean Do For You Outside Of Looking Better

Was having a chat w a colleague today about what getting photoshoot or stage lean does for you outside of aesthetics. In absolute short here it is.

Getting ripped, especially for the first time, is achievable but very challenging.
Dealing w hunger, training in a fatigued state and all the rest of it.

There might come a time when you think.. I can’t wait to give all this a break and eat a proper meal.

The good news is eventually you can. And you only need to retain a portion of the discipline you needed to cut down to make productive off season gains. The game changes to training while starved, to having energy to live your actual life.

Getting leaner than you ever have been requires learning new discipline.

Once you know you have that discipline you can use it in other areas of your life. Basically what you learn is the ability to not give up, trust the process and forgive yourself when you screw up.

So it’s all pretty invaluable stuff really but not just because you look better.

Like if you want to be better, you actually have to be better. And once you start being better, you might like it and find you want to be better in lots of areas.

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