Just a reminder guys.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you need to take a break from the gym for a few days, or if you have a few crap workouts in a row. Or even miss a month or two!

Setbacks make way for comebacks (or something like that).

Useful for me to remember right now as I’ve just had 5 days of from the gym and will probably need at least another 3 before I’m good to go. Had a bit of a chest cold that floored me lol. First time being ill since the start of 2017.

Anyway some benefits of breaks from training are that your body does get a bit of a rest from training.
(Repair of connective tissue etc)

You might see some of trainings novelty factor return. (Because sometimes like everything else training can feel like a job).

You can potentially re-evaluate your approach and what training means to you in your time off. Possibly come back with some new fresh outlook on why you do it etc. I believe we have to re-invent ourselves every now and then to remain relevant to ourselves, or risk feeling like the same old same old is getting stagnant.

Anyway, I’ll look to ease back in and use lighter loads for my first few workouts back until I feel like I’m ready to kick ass again.

The path the sucesss is never straight forwards, and as life has taught me, most setbacks are blessings in disguise.

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