Off Season Update

I thought now is a good time to let you know how I am getting on with my training

Nearly 4 months since finishing my contest prep, I am loving this offseason. Body weight up 10kgs (just under 90kg in the morning), some fluff gain for sure, but masses of new strength. I’m using loads I havent shifted in years. Chest and back also seem to be filling out nicely.

As Instagram cheese as it sounds, I am really happy to be ok with gaining weight. As I have written about before, most of my training career has been spent trying to stay overly lean with minimized muscle gain as a result. Many guys and girls reading this are possibly in the same bracket as I was.
I feel four months into my offseason that I am carrying significantly more muscle tissue than I ever have in my life and with that comes confidence that I am doing the right thing. Yes, of course, fat gain too, but actually I feel I look better in clothes and more v tapered due to the development of lats, glutes, and shoulders since ending prep.

I have added pull-ups back into my regime which seems to be strengthening my shoulders, and a lot of the aches and pains I had coming out of my prep.

I feel like I am moving in the right direction, and its a great feeling.

I am loving chasing performance and to feel like an athlete again in the gym.
Also, I have actually added in some bike sprints for cardio each week to take care of my cardiovascular fitness and help me feel like I can tackle the world lol.

I’m really looking forward to the next 3/4 years of lifting and mastering my craft further before taking that journey to the Shredzville

– As a sidenote – Bodybuilding is often perceived as narcissistic, yet to build muscle past a certain stage you have to gain a little body fat and let go of the shreds, caring less about how you look right now for the long term goal. Letting go of instant gratification basically which I think is ironic given how it’s perceived sometimes.

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