Memory Lane.. The Gym I Used To Work At

Fun ‘throwback’ to my Virgin Active days (nearly 5 years ago) where I was known as the Timinator lol.
This was mainly due to the fact that I was always on the gym floor talking to everyone and getting that gym floor hustle going on.

Virgin had a word called ‘Ooomph’ and it was all abouts delivering Ooomph on the Gym floor. I was known as an Ooompher lol. The opposite was a ‘frumper’. Negative pts always on their phones were known as frumpers.

A lot of people like to slate Virgin Active but they taught me some skills and values that I still hold to this day. The main ones being, go out of your way to make a difference on the gym floor. Help people. Get out of your own head and actually deliver the service people need. Teach people how to train and be s nice friendly person at the same time.

I believe fitness professionals should above all be friendly and approachable because the gym can be an intimidating place and it’s our job to make it nice.

Grateful for the Virgin days. My formative years

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