Tough Times Don’t Last, But Tough People Do

If you train with me you’ve probably heard me this it a few times :). –
It’s my opinion that every now and then, a tough life event happens that makes things like going to the gym, or executing on your diet, difficult for a while. I’ve been there myself many, many times. And, these type of things still crop up in my life periodically. I feel this is probably universal with everyone no matter who you are.

I reckon learning to hold your shit together is a skill that comes with practice, unless your one of those people with an insane will power that can grind through anything, and that’s certainly not me. I need every self-help trick in the book to keep me going when things get tough. –
Anyway, the point I am making is this, when things go to shit, even if you do screw up your diet, or skip the gym for a few days (or weeks) there is always a way back, just as soon as you dust yourself off and then you can move onto the next chapter and go back to building your best self.

My coach calls it ‘selective amnesia.’ Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is to selectively forget about what you feel you ‘did wrong’ and just get on with it. –
In my experience success in anything is never a straightforward upwards curve. Its always seems a bit up, down a bit, up, down a bit, zigzagging and as long as you accept you are in for the ride (life is an amusement park) then you can get to were you want to go.

I think screwing up is part of the way we are, so when we accept that, and come to see making mistakes and life stress as part of the process, we can accept it and move towards towards what we really want.

Perhaps the most ‘successful’ people are the ones that beat themselves up the least when things don’t go to plan.

In my opinion, things getting tough is part of the process. Its unavoidable.
So its how you learn to act in the tough times that counts.

Anyway, morning rant over.

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