Legs are my best body part, as far as bodybuilding goes.

People often asked me how I built them, so let me share a few key points.

For at least the first 9 years of my training career I trained legs at least once, but sometimes up to 3/4 x a week.)

Initially, I did alot of legs because I thought it was the best workout to burn fat (I was a chubby teenager trying to get slimmer so I trained legs multiple times per week.)

As soon as I started to see results I trained them even harder. I got hooked on training them.

Due to not knowing anything about diet, I was eating in a caloric surplus which fuelled my leg gains. Granted they were not always the best calories (age 19 I had no idea how many calories were in 8 pints of lager). However, I was training and eating in a caloric surplus, whilst training legs 3x a week. Real Talk lol.

I walked up a big hill to get to school every morning for 6 years (age 11-16). Something makes me think this programmed my body to respond well to quad leg training. Btw, we can actually influence our gene expression (the field of its study is called epigenetics) so things you exposed to in your childhood can impact the way body parts develop later in life (that’s my theory anyway).

I did lots of squats, which I believe for many is an excellent builder of the legs. I often squatted up to 3x per week.

Genetically, the shape of my legs makes them look bigger than they really are. The outer quad kind of pops out a bit in a funny way. So you could say there is a genetic component to my leg structure. Unfortunately, that component doesn’t carry in the rest of my physique!

So, if you want to grow a body part, train it as frequently and hard as you can intelligently recover from, and eat in a caloric surplus.

That is all folks.

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