If your goal is fat loss then I would say it probably doesn’t matter ‘when’ you eat your carbs.

Eating carbs after 8 will probably not lead to increased body fat or reduced fat loss. I’ve got plenty of people very lean whilst having a carb meal after 8 pm.

Rather than wondering when you should eat your carbs, I would say the most important question, first of all, is – ‘how many daily calories are you consuming?’

Your overall total calorie intake is the most important thing when it comes to fat loss. Are you burning off more calories than you consume? If so, you will lose weight. If not, you won’t.

So first of all, get your calorie tracking in order, if it’s not already. You don’t ‘need’ to count calories, but you probably do need a system that enables you to calculate energy intake in some way, whether that is macro counting, a diet plan or another system.

If fat loss is your goal, It doesn’t matter what system you use to measure your food as long as it creates an energy deficit (fewer calories consumed than expended). –
With regard to ‘when’ you eat your carbs, some people, including myself, actually prefer to eat the bulk of carbs in the evening. Why? Ever noticed how lots of carbs make you sleepy (the carb coma lol), well carbs consumed before bed can sometimes help improve your sleep quality, leading to more energy the next day and increased activity (the number of calories you burn just by twitching around and moving your arms as you talk and stuff like that).

So carbs right before bed might be the best time to have the bulk of them or it might not. That answer largely depends on personal preference based on experience.

When I was in my final stages of fat loss recently for a competition I competed in, I backloaded all my carbs to the end of the day as this way I could actually have one filling meal to end the day with (As I was not eating alot of calories -1760 in the final week.)

So, carb timing can be useful, however, it is not as important as correctly calculating calorie intake.


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