I have heard people say this a few times in my career.
It’s a sad sentence for me to hear for two reasons.
1. the sentence is a comparison of one’s self to another which is not what this game is about. It’s about self-betterment. Building your best body.
Whilst there are some genetic variables like height, where muscles attach, the width of the pelvis vs shoulder girdle (shoulder to waist ratio) which are in some senses predetermined, anyone can develop a great body for them.
Building a body is like baking a cake.
Unless you cant follow a recipe, then you can do it too.
Eat good food, pick things up and put them down again, and make sure you rest and sleep enough.
The basic premise.
Of course, it goes a little deeper than that.
Eat the right food in the right amounts for your body.
Pick things up the right way for your body.
Rest and sleep enough for your body.
Find a way to make the above happen and you can get great results at any age.
You might not have a body like ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl.’ But if you are comparing yourself to somebody else then you can never win anyway. The ultimate victory of this game is the enjoyment of self-betterment (I’m better than I was yesterday) and the gradual road to self-acceptance (I am good enough). And believe me, you can develop an absolutely banging body.
You’re better than you think.
I do not believe in genetic limitations. You can develop any body part you have always struggled with, you just need to find out how for your body.
For example, I have always struggled with my chest.
In the most unconventional of ways, I am slowly getting there now.
Persistence, self-belief and a game plan my friends. Oh and patience.
Make 2019 your year.
If you want to train smarter and not harder in 2019, and you want to achieve the physique of your dreams, then, you can do it.
I am now taking on applicants for my 2019 roster.

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