Whilst the bulk of the public focus seems to be on the best ways to lose body fat, it’s my opinion that what creates the true aesthetic look of a physique is a body equipped with muscles. This is true both male and female.
Let me explain. Looking good in many senses is an optical illusion. The human eye evaluates physiques in a second. Broad shoulders taper down into the waist making it look smaller, even if your sporting some Christmas fluff.
The same thing goes for the glutes and legs. The more developed these muscle groups are, the more your waist will taper up from them.
The human eye doesn’t know whether your waist is 29 inches or 34 inches. It only loosely is able to evaluate the difference between the shoulders and the waist and the waist and the legs. Shoulder to waist ratio. And hip to shoulder ratio. (Think how most guys love an hourglass figure on a woman).
Whilst there is a pre-occupation with many people on staying lean at all times, looking like you workout requires muscle, which at a certain point requires leaving the ultra lean state behind so you can actually consume enough food to grow new muscle tissue.
Let me just tell you first hand, the guys that focus on staying very lean, don’t build much new muscle in my observation. Just my two pence but I have worked in gyms since 2008 so I have a bit of observation back catalog.
If you want, or need to lose body fat as your primary goal, or stay shredded lean, then that’s fine. Just remember that long-term, your attention may be best served by building muscle. that way when you cut down your look 10x more impressive. And you’ll be building strength which will serve you very well in life.
Make sure you are getting stronger in your workouts over time and use good quality food to fuel this.
Getting ripped might last up until Christmas, but muscles can last for life.
If you want to train smarter and not harder in 2019, and you want to achieve the physique of your dreams, then, you can do it.
I am now taking on applicants for my 2019 roster.
Only those that really want to change need apply here. 

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