The Tim Robinson Coaching Muscle Gains Pyramid

I’ve decided to create my own pyramid to highlight what I believe are the priorities of importance when it comes to building a great physique.

Here is an explanation of each priority of importance.

➡️ Showing Up

Showing up to train, is, for me personally, the most important thing you need to do when it comes to making muscle gains. Make sure you go to the gym 3x a week consistently for the next 5 years at least and guaranteed you’ll learn enough along the way to build a decent physique.

I have tried many different nutrition and training protocols over the years but the one thing that has remained the same is my attendance at the gym. If you keep going, you can keep improving.

➡️ Nutrition

Past a certain point (the beginner phase) nutrition becomes very important. Your body needs enough protein to repair and build muscle, and it needs enough carbs and fats to fuel you. Get this equation right, and you can make gains. Get it wrong, and the most brilliantly designed training program will still struggle to have a positive effect.
You simply need enough nutrients to grow.
Similarly, if your overweight and you want your abs to show, finding a system to create an overall energy deficit is a must. Personally, I like to use calorie and macro counting, however, many people may respond more favorably to diet plans due to the fact that they reduce the need to make willpower based decisions through the day, keeping it easier to stay on target.

➡️ Exercise Form

Form is everything when it comes to the work you do in the gym.
We all know that guy in the gym who swings his lower back wildly on bicep curls so he can use a heavier weight. And that guy also has no biceps becuase his form sucks.
If your form is poor, you are not only going to leave gains on the table but also risk sidelining yourself because of injury.

➡️ Recovery

Muscles don’t grow from training, they grow from recovering from training. So, take your rest days, and deload periodically every 2 months at least to prevent overtraining.

➡️ Support Network

find someone who can educate you on the finer aspects of the game. A third eye that can provide objective feedback on your physique. Somebody that is as invested in your results as you are. Support goes a long way.

➡️ Programming

The cherry on the cake. Programming is what can create advanced long-term success, providing all other factors are in check. Your training is optimized when it’s individualized
. Tailoring for your own strengths and weaknesses can help to maximize gains and minimize injury.

What are your thoughts?

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