How To Cope Mentally With Being in a Caloric Deficit – 4 Tips

1 Try to eat a lot of one ingredient foods, such as vegetables, lean meats, eggs etc. These will travel further in helping to stop you feeling hungry than processed foods most of the time.

For example, porridge is probably a better breakfast choice than a bowl of Frosties.

2. Drink lots of water, it will keep you hydrated (being thirsty is often mistaken for hunger) and water in your stomach will take volume in your stomach, keeping you full longer.

2. Reframe hunger as a positive sign your body is in a caloric deficit. Reframing how being ‘hungry’ feels to you, can have massive benefits. Instead of thinking, I’m starving, you can think, I am getting leaner and closer to my goal.

4. Choosing to eat less is a self-imposed choice. You exist at the right time and place in history to actually have more than enough food to eat, you are just choosing not too. Being hungry is the ultimate example of a 1st world problem. You are fortunate to have this challenge, rather than unfortunate like many 3rd world people. That’s one way I often reframe it in my head whenever I am starting to pity myself lol.




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