Master These Tips To Transform Your Body

What does it really take to make a great body transformation?

Whilst everybody is looking for the perfect diet plan or the perfect training programme to get the results they want, unfortunately, I do not believe that simply getting the right program is enough to sort you out.

In order to make a change and get into a shape you can be proud of, I believe you need to develop or possess a few different attributes. The good thing is, once you have these in your tool bag, you can apply them to other areas of your life to be successful there too.

So what do you need to do to successfully transform your body?

Plan Your Workouts In 

As far as training is concerned, simply planning your workouts in ahead of time will increase your chances of getting your workouts done vs just simply training when you feel like it. So do it, if you are not already.

Get Your Breakfast Right

Depending on your starting point with diet, getting into the habit of having a healthy breakfast every morning will help set you up for the rest of the day. At the moment personally, I like protein porridge or lean frying steak.

Track Your Nutrition

Gaining a basic picture of what you eat has never been easier thanks to nutrition tracking apps like MyFitnessPal. I normally will run through the basics of this with a client, and then get them to observe what they eat for a few days so they can make observations and implement improvements.

If fat loss is the primary goal, then it’s important to hit a slight calorie deficit most days, this can be achieved by tracking and making sure you eat lower calorie foods. Also, making sure to keep protein high to prevent muscle loss whilst dieting. If trying to add muscle, then the reverse is normally true, a slight increase in calories and a good amount of protein to help you build muscle. These apps allow you to set specific calorie and macronutrient (carbohydrate, fat, protein) goals.

Alternately you can follow a diet plan to the letter like my client Jonathan Wooldridge pictured here who has come on leaps and bounds in the 12 months we have worked together

Shown here, we spent around 8 months adding mass to his frame then another 5 months cutting to achieve this look. 

We followed a high protein diet plan, increasing calories up to nearly 4000 then dropping them to 2200/2400 to achieve this look.


Make The Best With The Time You Do Have Available. 

A mistaken thought is that people ‘don’t have enough time to get in shape’. Well if you only have 10 minutes a day, start with ten minutes. Exercise doesn’t need to last a long time for it to be effective. You don’t need endless hours of cardio for it to have a positive impact on your life. If at the moment you are doing zero exercises, then 10 minutes a day can help to make you start to lose body fat and build some muscle. To be honest, it is very unlikely you can go to a six-pack with only 10 minutes a day, but you can start to make improvements.

Be Patient

It is important to be patient when you start training. If you have been out of shape for years, you are not going to look like the guy in a fitness model poster in a couple of months. You can make great changes in a short period of time but expecting your physique to change overnight is asking for trouble. I do remember one time where a client was upset with me as they couldn’t see the changes they wanted after 4 weeks of training with me (4 weeks!!). Whilst it’s reasonable to see changes after a couple of months, with each client I set realistic expectations of what it takes. Really building a physique takes years. Its a discipline and takes hard work, commitment, and passion and is something you will always be striving to improve.

Be Resourceful

Sometimes, you will need to think of emergency ways to eat healthily or get a workout in. This is part of the game and ‘getting it done somehow’ is what separates those that get the results they want from the rest of the pack. Most of the time, you will be squeezing your workouts in around meetings, after work etc, however, as long as you apply the rule of planning your workouts in then you should be absolutely fine. As far as food is concerned, if you get caught in the no mans land of being hungry without a meal to hand, make sure you check the restaurants and food stores around you ahead of time so you don’t end up eating donuts instead of chicken breasts.

Get Good At Working Hard In the Gym

Most people are good at working hard in one or two areas of life, but many are simply unconditioned to what actual hard work in the gym feels like. I cannot understate what pushing for the extra repetition in an exercise will do for you over the long run, but, in short, hard work trumps all. As much as training and working out can be a passion, and an art form, there is still a time when you need to turn up to the gym, and put in a shift. It’s like going to work. You don’t always want to do it, but you do it. When you can program that kind of discipline into your life then you are on your way.

Set A Big Goal

Whether its a goal or a strong reason to get in shape, You need something that motivates you strongly enough to act.

For many of my clients, the idea of getting in front of a camera shirtless (a photo shoot) gives them the stress required to do what it takes to get in shape. To push through the pain and discomfort required to make a change. If your goal is not big enough, it won’t create enough stress to force you to act to create change, and you will stay in your comfort zone of not dong enough to change the way you are right now.

For some, this might be the realization that they have never been in great shape, and they are nearing the time they might be able to truly achieve a result. This realization of father time gives them the kick up the arse to get there life, health and physique in order.

Other people, it might be training literally to save their health. I’ve worked with a few cancer survivors and normally those guys will do what it takes because they realize the preciousness of life.

Anyway, whatever your reason would be to get in in shape, find out a strong enough reason for you to make a change.








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