Is the Fit Bit Worth It?

The Fit Bit – A piece of equipment that supposedly can help you in your fitness quest. For this article, I will be talking about the Charge 2 Fit Bit which is the one I purchased.

Is this piece of equipment worth having? Or Just a total waste of time and money?

Read ahead to find my thoughts.

Well, it has a few functions that I like. It tracks daily step count, heart rate, and guesstimates energy expenditure through the day in calories. It does this by looking at your heart rate correlated with a formula it has using your scale weight and a few other variables when you get set up at the beginning.

It also can Sync with the fit bit scale to weigh yourself and track body fat.

For a picture of daily movement, these are pretty cool although the energy expenditure (calories) tracking I do not trust still it lets me know how busy I’ve been regarding steps.

It has a sleep tracking function, although I don’t use it as I like my wrists bare when I sleep.

I used it religiously for about 14 months and then stopped… because I found its timer functionality sucked a bit as it only had one button to do it all with, and I had to flick through several options using one button so timing rest times in between sets was difficult. That and the strap broke. But now after a hiatus, I started using it again.

Despite saying I don’t trust the precise number of calories it says I have used that day, I still find the estimation a valuable function, especially when bulking or cutting to allow me to modify calorie intake for high and low energy expenditure days. And I find its estimation of how many calories I burned in a workout useful as it allows me to see if my perception of my effort correlates to what it says.

I am always extremely skeptical about fitness gadgets. Normally in my experience, 80% of any new fitness product on the market is useless rubbish designed to tap into a gullible instant gratification seeking customers mindset. However, this device is designed as a support device rather than a cure-all. However, these bad boys are for me worth it as they give me access to a few variables that I otherwise would not know. I do believe this information is useful to have on one single device. It is easy to use. Also, you can log onto the fit bit website and look at all your data its collated about you which is interesting.

Last Criticism of it though is that the strap breaks. Not expensive to replace but one can’t help it’s a bit of planned obsolescence. Especially since everyone that has the same one as me (the charge two) has experienced the same problem.

Think you can pick them up for about £120 so not cheap but I’ve definitely got my worth out of it.
It’s a 7/10 product that isn’t to my knowledge bettered by anything else on the market.

If you are well into your fitness and you wanna know more, then you will love this for at least a good few months while you get to find out more information about your daily activity.

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