How to Build To Your First Pull Up


The Pull Up(the act of pulling your body up towards a bar) is one of the best muscle building movements you can do for your back, arms and core muscles.

It is definitely worth being a staple in anyone’s program if you want to build a powerful looking upper body, the reason being that this exercise hits the big muscles in your back called your latismus dorsi that are responsible for giving the coveted V-Taper from the back. you know that look when a dudes shoulders are wider than his waist. Well anyway, this exercise hits the back muscles really well if performed correctly.


Here I share a few simple training variations that you can use to get you to your first body weight pull up.



1.The Controlled Negative Pull Up –  To execute, jump to the top of the bar or as high as you can, and then, slowly lower yourself under control back to the bottom. Repeat. Generally, muscles are stronger when the lengthen under tension than they are when they contract. So what this means is that while you may not be strong enough to pull yourself up yet, you may have the strength to lower yourself under control for 1-3 repetitions to begin. This is a great technique to start with if you are by yourself or have limited equipment.



2. The Partner Assisted Pull up. This is a great one if you have a training part

ner or gym buddy to hand. They hold the bottom of your feet and away you go. The partner can adjust how much of your bodyweight they hold to make it harder or easier depending on your strength level. You get to practice both the going up and the lowering parts of the movement using this variation.



3. Band Assisted Pull Up – This is pretty much the same as a partner assisted pull up, barring the fact that the band acts as an aid rather than an active partner. This is my preferred variation to use with clients as they get used being able to do it by themselves as they can do it by themselves without needing a training partner.



Over time, you can better at these variations and eventually progress onto bodyweight pull-ups.

This is the technique many of my clients have used to successfully transition to doing their own bodyweight pull-ups.

This short video I made here shows you the three variations in action.

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