Tip To Build Biceps

Every Dude likes to have a big set of guns right?

Well anyway, whether or not that’s true, I am sharing with you one tip to make them grow better.

This one is pretty simple, however, it’s remarkable how many people you see that massively violate this one simple rule when it comes to arm training, and its no wonder their arms are always the same size.

When you train your biceps, you should know that your biceps are primarily an elbow flexor. What this means is that the best way to hit them is by bending your elbow and keeping every other joint in your body fixed. I am aware that sounds very obvious, but, hear me out.

Too many dudes in the gym will lift the heaviest weights they can when training biceps and most of it will either come from swinging momentum, or from the shoulders, and very little of the weight lifted comes from the bicep itself. This means little bicep stimulation and growth, regardless of the size of the weight lifted.

To prevent this from happening, focus on moving only the elbow joint when bicep training, this should help you get a better contraction, and lead to more gains in the muscle over time.

This short video (one minute) should help you understand better.-

The caveat to this is – There may be times when it is advisable to include a little momentum or shoulder movement in bicep training if you have already established an excellent contraction in the bicep muscle. But you should never do this simply to lift more weight, otherwise, it is unlikely you will actually take your bicep to failure.

Alright, guys let me know how you get on.

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