How To Build More Arms (Triceps)

Most Guys I know would either like bigger arms or, like to already have big arms.

It’s not a surprise, as the arm is the part of the body that is visible with a t-shirt on, so it counts when other people see you. So unsurprisingly, our arms get lots of attention in the gym. However, we may not always be training them as efficiently as we can.

The part of the arm we tend to neglect is the bt at the back, called the tricep. This bit actually comprises up to 70% of the total upper arm muscle.

This is a shame because the tricep makes up to 70% of the upper arm, which is why it’s very important to train this muscle efficiently.


Now may of us do train tricpes, but not perhaps as well as we could.

In this video I show you how to take your tricep to it’s maximally contraction position. This will help you hit new muscles fibres in the back part (long head) of your tricep. By employing this technique it will help fill your shirt sleeves much faster than by using only standard press downs for triceps.

Ok dudes watch the video and enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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