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Hi Guys.

If you have any weaker bodyparts that you are struggling to build, then I have a technique that may be able to help you.

The technique I am sharing with you is called a ‘pre-exhaust.‘ This training technique works by fatiguing a muscle in isolation first that you want to grow, before training the same muscle in a multijoint movement to cause maximum activation and subsequent growth of that muscle.

Let’s use chest as an example to show how it works.

First, take an isolation exercise (let’s use the cable chest flye an example).

Set the machine to a weight you can perform 20-25 reps with, then work through the reps to stimulate and activate your chest muscle till you start to feel it burn. Take care not to over stimulate your shoulders though. Keep the feeling in your chest. We do not want our shoulders to take over the exercise.

Once you have done that, jump into your favorite chest pressing exercise. Whether that’s the chest press machine, DB chest press, incline press or flat bench and bang out a set of 8-12 reps. You should feel a far greater activation in your chest during and afterward.

This is because you have pre-fatigued your chest muscle fibers, which means they now have to work twice as hard to do the movement.

We often make the mistake of thinking we are training a muscle group when we are actually training something else. For example, for many years, I trained bench press in the belief I was working my chest when I only developed my shoulders and triceps and had little to no chest recruitment.

Had I known better, I could have built a much better chest in my years of training if I had taken the time to make sure it was fully activated and engaged beforehand. Had I been using this technique, chest might have been the strong part of my physique.

As a result, bench press was always a shoulder exercise for me. I developed great shoulders but had no chest.

Now I am playing catch up, but hopefully, if you are reading this, you won’t have to.


Using this technique you can make sure your lagging body part gets stimulated first and will be able to stimulate them more effectively

This should help you get a better training effect and muscle growth.

Let me know how you get on guys.

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