Do this exercise to build Glutes and Hamstrings – The Dumbbell Deadlift





🏋️‍The Dumbell Deadlift🏋️‍

Its important in terms of looking like you lift weights to build the bottom half of your body, and here is why.

To have the 3d athletic look, and to look like you have a small waist, you need your waist to go into something wider than it is (your ass and legs, in order to make it look small). This is the illusion part of bodybuilding. You could have a 29-inch waist, but if your legs are smaller than your waist, it won’t look that special. However, if you have beefed them up a bit then your waist will look smaller than it really is.

The Dumbell Deadlift exercise to help accomplish this, along with strengthening your bum, back, and hamstrings, and building in some nice grip strength to give you a sturdy handshake. Rather than the traditional ‘off the floor’ version of a deadlift, this version allows you to get into the start position far more easiliy, which means less stress on your lower back, and you can put more emphasis into targeting the muscles in the back of your legs and bum.

Here is how you do it

Grab two dumbbells and hold them to your side.

Bend your knees ever so slightly to create some slack in the hamstrings so you can bend over without rounding your lower back.

Pin your arms to your armpits. (this will engage your upper back muscles and help prevent lower back rounding).

Next push your bum back as far as you comfortably can (imagine you are pushing a button with your bum that is behind your bum. I know it sounds funny but this cue normally works.)

When you get to the bottom, intentionally squeeze your glutes to come back up.

Repeat for two to three sets of eight repetitions to begin.

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