A Bit More About My Fitness Journey So Far

Aha, so to those of you that follow me, I thought I might let you in on part of my ‘transformation journey’ – How my physique has changed over the years at different phases through my own journey of life.
This photo shows me on the left aged 19 to the right aged 25.
On the left, admittedly, I didn’t look the part that much, but, I was still very physically active, did kickboxing twice a week and trained in the gym, I just didn’t have the ‘gym trained look’ yet. Mainly because my diet was not at all optimized for making muscular gains and keeping my bodyfat down. At the time I spent about 4 days a week adhering to a lowish carb diet (not that even would be optimal anyway), but then still went out at the weekends, drank beer and then went to the pub on a Sunday for a roast dinner. Great Times!
My workouts were machine based mostly and haphazard.)
As a caveat, you can actually build lots of muscle on machines, sometimes even better than free weights. Depends on individual leverages for each exercise and body part you are trying to hit.
It was one of my first years of proper training (at least in my mental attitude to show up and workout, even if the diet wasn’t there.) Although aged 19, and probably a bit of a late developer, that as you can tell was a bit chubby, I just didn’t have time under my belt to build any muscle so far.
Anyway, skip forward a few years, now I’m working in the fitness industry as a fitness manager. And I decided to do this fitness competition called ‘Miami Pro’. Now its a well-known competition in the fitness industry and many do it to earn a bit of personal credibility. Actually thinking about it, I was no different, I definitely wanted to earn a bit of self-respect in a way. By this time I was pretty ‘gym strong’ by my own standards at least, but I hadn’t ever been able to see my abs. (My industry is obsessed with having abs over to the point of narcissism, eating disorders and actually often people being too starved to make muscular gains- subsequently many fitness professionals spend a lot of time trying to maintain abs and looking like skinny boys rather than men – we got into this game to look like men right? Not 30+-year-olds playing bloody six-pack comparing competitions whilst still sporting the overall muscle development of a fruit fly.)
I feel many including myself at times forget why we adopted a fitness lifestyle, to feel better primarily. Because we believe changing the way we look will change the way we feel about ourselves. It certainly can temporarily, if you don’t get trapped into the game of comparing yourself to others and thinking you’re never good enough, lol. Aint that the whole story of life though, trying t resist this type of thinking.
Anway back to me doing this fitness competition. Where now my main concern was certainly getting the abs out!
After I dieted down over 10 weeks I was still in the mindset I should be this lean all the time and didn’t see it for what it was, which a great fun personal achievement, but not the optimal level of body fat for me to actually feel healthy long term. (anybody who has been really lean knows the constant hunger that comes at a certain point). I tried to maintain this look and failed miserably lol. Now I prefer to be more bulk. I got quite lean for my wedding though, but not ‘stage lean’ (how lean a bodybuilder/fitness model gets’). My body can hold a certain amount of leanness quite easily, to push further requires entering slight physical discomfort to the point of making me go ‘what is the point?’ and that’s the thing, you need a strong motivator.
Still, this was 5 years ago. I do enjoy and love this fitness game. I’m still mad passionate about helping others get results and borderline obsessed with it myself. Although, admittedly I love to live a non-fitness lifestyle too (partying etc) the dual sides of my nature lol. Sometimes balance is throwing balance out the window, as long as you can return to balance. I feel the fitness industry loves to talk about chicken and broccoli but never shows darker, or more realistic parts of humans that work in this industry, such as, we love to party, and we have our own little demons that made us become fitness professionals in the first place.
Anyway. I love the discipline that comes with having a goal of getting my body into its most anatomy drawing condition, and I’m thinking, maybe its time to do it again. 5 more years under my belt (nearly) since last time, and I feel I am finally working out what works best for my body in terms of training. Also, objectively speaking, I have also been working on my weak points (chest, abdominal development and glutes) hard for the last couple of years. So pondering, with the support of my crazy mad scientist wife, what could I achieve. For myself and nobody else. As far as professional credibility, I seem to have a talent for helping to get others into great shape, but now, its time to push this bulk a little further. I am currently the leanest I have ever been at whilst at a bodyweight of 93kg. Edge this body up to 95/96, hold it for a few months, keep building more mass on my weak points, and then, hit a bodybuilding competition. Its time in my life I feel for that challenge once more. To turn my body into a work of art. Even if it means being hungry. Because when the hunger to become your best rears its inspired head, as I recall, it calls louder than the need to be a party boy.
Let’s see if I can stick to my words. I might as well be a clinically diagnosed type B personality (impulsive, disorganized by nature, always coming up with new ideas, very passionate about life.) You might even be able to tell that reading this article?!
I get extremely enthusiastic about new ideas to the point of insane obsession. If I can keep a fraction of that mental intensity down the stretch then I could accomplish some great personal achievements, but, let’s see.


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