3 Diet Tips For Effective Fat Loss

There are certain basics that need to be adhered to when dieting if you want success.
In my opinion, the top 3 things you need to do with your diet to have successful fat loss are
1. Create a Calorie Deficit in your diet.
(I’m not saying you have to count calories in order to lose weight, only that you have to consume less energy from food than you expend in your physical activity each day to be successful in fat loss.)
2. Eat enough protein to not lose excessive muscle tissue.
(if you want to still look like you lift weights when you diet all your fat off, rather than just looking like a skinny person, then it’s important you keep protein intake high. If you are not getting protein in your food then your body will use the protein in your muscles for energy, which means you will lose muscle).
3. Eat Vegetables in plentiful supply – Generally, vegetables are the most nutrient dense (packed full of good stuff) yet energy sparse (not many calories) food you can eat. When you are dieting, vegetables will be the lifeline you need to help curb hunger. Why? because you can eat lots of them without getting fat and they can help fill you up.
 I have helped many clients lose lots of fat by focusing on these three tips.
Nutrition doesn’t have to be overly complicated to get results…
A lot of people tend to ‘major in the minors’ when it comes to trying to achieve fat loss, putting too much effort into minor things (such as making sure to include chia seeds or goji berries or other such trendy health food) whilst still actually overeating each day.
Eating ‘healthy foods’ is not enough to lose fat. You need to eat the right amount of them.
Anyway, guys, I know this is absolute basics for a lot of you. But still, it’s worth going over these points from time to time.
As a trainer and coach it’s my job to help people develop sustainable habits, and for that, it needs to be as simple as possible most of the time.
Thanks for reading guys.
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