3 Tips To Make Your Back Squat, Or Actually Any Squat Better.

Okay so here are a few tips that I hope can help when executing this exercise.

Squat to the depth you can control. If you can comfortably squat to parallel or further then great. If its uncomfortable for you then there is probably a reason why. Go as far down as you can whilst remaining in control of the movement. If your lower back or upper back is rounding so you can go deeper into the movement, chances are you are moving past the range of motion you have safe access to. Don’t do it. In time your squat depth is likely to improve if you keep practicing with the range of motion you can execute full control over.

Learn how to engage your midsection fully in the squat. The harder and more resistant to movement your midsection is on a squat, the easier it is for your legs to transfer power upwards and the stronger you will be. To fully engage your core I advise you to breathe air deeply into your tummy before the start of each rep and then brace your abs. The best way to learn to brace is to imagine someone is going to punch you in the tummy really hard, and then you brace for the impact using your ab muscles to make a shield wall. As you descend into the squat hold the breath and shield wall ab brace together. When you get to the top of the rep, realize your breath and start again.

Try not to pick the heaviest weight on day one that you can handle. it’s harder to incorporate these cues when you are maxing out giving 120% of your effort. You are more likely to ‘do it wrong’ and end up hurting yourself. Instead, I advise you to start with a weight you can easily manage for 5 or 6 reps and practice form, slowly increasing the weight each time you train. The better you ingrain the correct form pattern in your head, the less likely you are to fuck it up when it gets heavier.

Alright, Guys, I hope those tips help. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask or get in touch with me following this link here

Have great fun training



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