What The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Tell You

Here is a rant about developing strength and muscle.. it is what the fitness industry doesn’t want to tell you…
Right now in today’s fitness world, we neglect a biological fact, that building muscle means an increase in body fat. The only exceptions to this rule, are those on steroids, absolute beginners, or those coming back of a long lay off from training.

If you want to truly push past the beginner stage, you are going to have to eat a calorie surplus and gain a moderate amount of fat along with the muscle and strength you have always wanted. This is ok, in fact, it’s a good thing. With your clothes on, you will look more aesthetic with more muscle and strength than you currently possess.

(Me on the left, super focused on being shredded with my shirt off compared to now, loving lifting weights and just enjoyed a very well fed Christmas. Nearly 10 kilos heavier now on the right, but I think, looking somewhat better and more muscular with my shirt on. Also to mention I am one hell of a lot stronger now than I was on the left. I don’t have the set of abs I had on the left and I don’t care. Looking great with your shirt off is one thing, but if nobody can tell you train unless you have your shirt off, what is the actual point? Food for thought anyway.)

A very important part of putting on muscle and gaining strength is eating in a calorie surplus. This means eating more calories than you burn off in a day. Unless you want to forever look the same, this something you will likely need to do. For an average guy that eats 2500 calories, he might need to eat 3500 to get the results he wants.
Muscle building takes time, an intensity in the weight room, sleep and calories. If you are always worried about gaining a couple kgs then you are never going to realize how strong and muscular you can potentially be. You can always diet any fat of later if you want too.
However, for now, focus on learning to love your more bigger and bulkier self, and focus on getting strong in the weight room. A bigger, stronger you is more powerful and is likely more athletic too.This rant comes because of social media, which, I believe, projects an image that is fake… Showing us photos of ripped muscular men makes us think we need to be like them. Ripped, and smiling. When you see that image, you think you need to be like they look. They might be smiling in the photo, but what you don’t see is constant hunger, lack of sexual desire and constant state of minimal energy that normally accompanies this photoshopped look. And, also, of course, the 20 photos at least that were taken before they posted the one that looked best. lol. That’s if the fitness models you are looking at are not already on a boatload of drugs. But, if it looks too good to be true, it’s my experience that, it normally is.We are not told the reality of muscle building, that in order to maximise your potential, you need to eat, lift heavy weights, and gain some body fat in the process.The other thing people go a bit crazy on is diet. The Food Police as I like to call them.
Its very difficult to eat only chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato if you want to gain size and strength. In order to consistently hit a high number of calories each day, you might find it helpful to eat some food that is higher in sugars and fats.I have helped guys push past muscle building plateaus with whole milk, peanut butter and drinking chocolate shakes… That’s not what ‘the food police’ will tell you is healthy, but…. it creates a calorie surplus in a manageable way. Its simply not always practical for somebody short on time to sit down and eat 400g chicken breast, 500g white potato and a head of broccoli 4x a day for a combined total of 2.5 hours every day.Basically what you see in photos is not really a reflection of the truth. You cant really get big and strong without eating big unless you are a genetic freak or on a boatload of drugs.

Don’t be afraid to eat in a surplus if your goal is strength or muscle building. Some food that is ‘unclean’ is ok, and most of the time is actually required at some stage to create a surplus of calories required to gain strength and new muscle tissue.

You are going to need to eat more to fuel your gains.

Try to hit 1g per pound of bodyweight protein a day for muscle building and eat an extra 500 calories more than you normally would each day to begin. That’s a conservative estimate… You might need 1000 more or even 1500 more each day in order to start gaining size and strength.

As far as the rest of your food, try to get some good fats, avocados, fish oil is very useful if you find it hard to eat oily fish. I find it boring or too rich to eat every day. Steak is good. Make sure you eat vegetables and fruit every day.

Clean eating is important in so far as you aren’t a junk food addict. Retain the ability to eat vegetables each day as part of your diet.For supplements, I recommend fish oil to reduce inflammation and glucosamine sulfate for joint support.

Alright, guys hope that helps.
Be skeptical of the people that say you should never lose your abs…
Many people can actually have high body fat and protruding ab muscles due to individual abdominal structure, but it isn’t me, and it might not be you either.. Don’t worry about it, its time to focus on getting big and strong. It’s time for a new you. One that isn’t paranoid about being super lean all the time, but is actually ready to get big and strong.

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