4 Habits That Will Help You Build Muscle..

Here are 4 habits, that if you build into your lifestyle, will help you build a physique you can be proud of.

Habit 1. Track Your Strength Progression.

There is no worse feeling than going to the gym and not being sure what you lifted last week, and having to guess, then basically, not making progress as a result.

Whether you take a note of your sets and reps in a pad or keep track of it on a spreadsheet. Just make sure you do.

Paying attention to getting stronger more than any other variable, will help you build muscle.

Lifting heavier weights forces you to recruit more muscle fibers, and then as a result, actually build new muscle tissue and increase the recruitment of available muscle fibers to lift heavier weights the next time you train.

You can work hard and do random rep schemes each workout but if you’re not getting stronger chances are your not building muscle. 

Habit 2. Include A Source of Protein With Each Meal 

Eating Protein for somebody that wants to build muscles is really important. Proteins are what muscles are made of. Classical bodybuilding advice suggests eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight if you want to build muscle. This means a 200lb man would need to eat 200g a day of protein.

However saying this, It can be hard to always get enough protein.

So to begin with, get into the habit of having a source of protein with every meal.

There are lots of different options to choose from…

beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, greek yogurt, eggs, whey protein..lentils, beans, milk, cheeses (although be mindful of fat content)…

Choose the ones you like and then get creative.

If you struggle with breakfast, I recommend protein porridge.


There are about 90 different ways to have it, but, even just basic, 60g oats, 30g whey protein and nearly boiling water mixed together will cut it. Maybe even some cinnamon if your feeling adventurous.

3. Take At least One Rest Day Each Week 

Recovery is the most important thing when it comes to getting stronger and building muscle.

Your muscles don’t get stronger in the gym, they get stronger when they are resting and recovering from what you did to them in the gym.

I admit, its taken me years to fully learn this but its true…

I’ve always been passionate about training so love to hit the gym as often as possible, but recovering from lifting heavy weights takes time.

Ideally, I would recommend a day of rest after every training session in the gym.

Train less, but harder and more efficiently.



4. Each Week Train Legs and Core (glutes, abdominals and lower back). 

Its so god damn important to do this.

I don’t care if you only want a bigger upper body…

Unless you want injuries from a lower body and core that are not strong enough to assist your upper body. I recommend you to train legs and core every week.

A variation of a squatting movement, a hip hinge movement and at some dedicated core work I believe need to be performed at least once per week to minimize injury..

I speak from experience here.

As a bodybuilder, I had always had massive legs compared to the rest of me. I took a year off training them once. Once I resumed squats and deadlifts, I injured my back.

I was not aware how unconditioned my lower body and lower back had become since my year of training them…and I paid the price.

I am recovering now. but let me tell you.. it is so important to keep training those parts of the body.

The muscles in the lower back (especially the multifidus) are amongst the fastest to atrophy (get smaller and weaker) what this means is that if you don’t train them, you will lose strength there and increase your risk of injury when you do go to do deadlifts, squats, or any lower body compound movement.


So there you go guys, put in the right habits, and your success will be a by-product of your habits.

The more consistent you can get with it, the easier it becomes.

If you are serious about getting into shape, you have tried before and it hasn’t quite got the results you want….


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  1. I read your post but I still had some questions. I was really wondering,
    I am addicted to my smartphone and wasting so much energy and time on it.
    It also affects my mind negatively. How do I stop this bad
    habit? If there is any insight you could provide, I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hmm, good question. Now bear in mind I am not a therapist. I would start by limit the time you check all social media, smartphone apps to an hour a day.
      You may find it hard to stay away but you can still view it each day, only at a specific time.
      This will harden your willpower.

      You can replace checking your smartphone by watching self-development videos on youtube, such as Improvement pill, or by reading something you are interested in, such as a book or a fitness related article. This way you make yourself better, rather than squandering time away.

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