How To Set Effective Goals For Body Transformation

I help clients transform their lives, health and body shape  by setting effective goals.

I believe that the clearer and more obvious your goal is to you, the easier it is to stick to and get great results in the long run.

One of the most basic things I  follow as a coach is using smart goal setting.. This is a foolproof way to make sure your goal is attainable…

S.M.A.R.T. stands for..

Specific – Have you made what you want to achieve in your body transformation absolutely clear?

Measurable – Able to measure in suitable units (using kgs, inches, pounds, stone, belt notches, the list goes on although I advocate using the units of measurement that have the most meaning to you.)

Achievable – Can can actually achieve this goal?

Relevant – Are your targets and measures along the way fine tuned to get you what you want?

Time Framed – Give this goal a schedule. A completion date for your chosen goal.



Knowing, exactly what you want, and being able to define it in a clear and concise way. Whether it’s fitting back into your old suit trousers, or losing 10kgs, your goal should be clearly defined and understandable in a way that is meaningful and clear to you so you can then break it down into weekly targets or mini goals that keep you driving forwards.

That might be losing one belt notch a month, or .5kg a week. Either way, set your goal in a way so you stay on track.


Measurable –

Make sure your goal is measurable. You could be using photo comparison in the same light same place same time each week, or tape measurements around a few key sites like waist, chest, arms, basically getting as close to possible s a consistent reading each time.

Knowing the units you will track progress with week on week will allow you to form a clear picture of your progress and see if or not you are hitting any targets you set. The more variables you can track, the greater a total picture of your progress you will have. This is one reason why scale weight alone is rarely a good sign of progress as it doesn’t give you the whole picture of progress, especially when it comes to body composition. It won’t show you where you are building muscle in the same way that tape measurements can which is why I recommend using a combination of both.

Achievable –  Make sure you are actually capable of achieving what you want. If you have just started training and you set your goal to win a professional bodybuilding contest in 6 months, it might be a little far out.

However, if you want to see your abs for the first time, then with proper training, diet and dedication it’s definitely possible, it will just take time.


Make sure that your goal  is actually relevant to what you really want.

I can’t tell you how many people in the past that i’ve worked with that signed up to marathons because they wanted to lose weight.

Endless hours of endurance training can help you lose weight yes, but may not be the most effective strategy for effective fat loss.

Typically with my clients, I will use a combination of resistance exercise and high intensity interval training, combined with optimised nutrition based on your energy expenditure each day to achieve fat loss.

Time- Framed –

Getting your training broken down into clear blocks. Lastly, giving the goal a time frame for completion is essential.

This allows us to break down our ‘big goal’. For example, losing 1 belt notch and 2 kg every month might be a sustainable monthly target. And breaking that down into weekly targets can help one big end goal become much more manageable.


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