Do I Think Calorie Counting Is A Good Idea for Weight Loss?

I believe that in most cases, calorie counting is a good idea for anyone who wants to lose weight, and here is why.

In life, people go wrong when they fail to correctly determine the correct amount of food they need to eat to achieve their goals.

Eating more than energy than you are capable of expending for a sustained period of time, will lead to weight gain.

This is backed up by science in the first law of thermodynamics that states – ‘you cannot lose energy, it can only move from one place to another.’

Calories are a unit that makes calculating the energy value of food easier.

Whilst calories themselves do not determine whether or not a food offers health benefits beyond its energy value, they do help us to gauge precisely the energy value of the food we eat.

Correctly calculating energy intake has never been easier, with free apps such as  MyFitnessPal allowing us to count calories from food as well as having a scanning barcode feature for packets of food, it’s never been easier to count calories.

Whilst it may not be necessary for everyone to count calories to successfully lose weight, or sustain weight, I believe calorie counting is a good idea for weight loss as it gives us a system to correctly determine how much energy we need to consume to achieve our goals and maintain a sustainable energy balance.

For those who are susceptible to overeating when eating at will, calorie counting can set clear limits that tell us when to stop eating, and help us plan our energy intake throughout the day clearly.

Anecdotally. I have clients consistently lose fat and keep it off, by adhering to plans with a measured energy balance by using calories as a tracking tool. 

In today’s world of addictive junk food.. If you eat by feel, overeating has never been easier.

A couple of desserts and sugary drinks, and you can hit your daily energy intake, without even feeling full or realizing you have overeaten.

With foods higher than ever being packed with sugar, salt and fat, they are easy to overeat, and digested quickly, leaving you hungry for more.

In my opinion, this makes it even more important to train an awareness of the energy value (calories) of food, especially when caught on the move with only minimally processed options available.

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