A Prevalent Way I see People Screw Up Diet….. (How You Can Stop Doing It)

We’ve all had that shitty moment when we realize we have fallen off our diet and gone backward..gaining weight…

Things are going really well, your focused, and then, something happens, work stress or whatever, and you go ‘Fuck It’, and smash that bag of cookies, or whatever food it is. Then before you know it, your heading back to square one at 90 miles an hour…Putting those inches back on the waistline you worked so hard to lose.’

Its a shit feeling, and most of us have been there.. But, I believe, its how you handle it that counts..

Identifying the moment just before your brain goes ‘Fuck It’, is VERY important..

But, even if you become an expert at identifying the pre ‘Fuck It’ moment, your brain will still surprise you sometimes, and the little ‘Fuck It’ monster might get his way…

But, as the old saying goes, when you fall of the horse, get back on it..

You fell of your diet, so get back on it, no biggie..

no stress..

So what, you fucked up a bit, own up to it and learn from it, then you can put it behind you..

Because, if you don’t forgive yourself for it..

I tell you what happens..



And, ultimately, the thing that winds up the Fuck It monster the most.



How ironic, you don’t want another fuck it monster episode..

So you resolve with all your might not to eat shitty food again and say you will go to the gym 7 times next week..

You set yourself beautifully high impossible standards destined for failure..

And who will be there banging on the walls of the cell you forced him into when you set those goals..??

Our Fuck it monster, that’s who.

After all, he responds to feelings of stress, guilt, and shame… And you fed him the very things that make him angry and come out of his cage….

And when he is banging about and truly pissed, there is no stopping him..

‘Fuck It’ just decides you should just eat/drink whatever he wants you to eat, and he doesn’t like anything on your diet plan.


Still, once again somehow, you end up following the orders of that little bastard..

Well, little bastard that he is, the key to taming him and stop him ruining your progress at the most opportune times, is to make friends with him, keep the little bugger happy..

Because when our ‘Fuck It’ monster is ignored, or angry for too long, he will not be calmed down until he gets his way and what he wants..

So what are we getting at here truly..

Well to keep our little fuck it monster happy, there are two things we can do…

  1. Have an eating plan that we stick to    ……. Nothing makes the fuck it monster come out more than low blood sugar.. ironically, stressful moments often call for us to go hours without food, and then, by the time we finally get to eat something………. little fuck it is screaming at the top of his lungs, and he doesn’t want healthy food, he wants the greasiest shit in town..

So planning is key.. Plan the food you will eat…. make sure you eat at regular intervals to stop you feeling hungry… Because stable blood sugar levels keep our monster happy.. and chilling in his cage..

Possibly follow a diet plan, or if not plan ahead the food you are eating each day… and have it with you…

Do not get hungry then grab your lunch in the very short break you have… This opens you up to the possibility of extremely terrible impulse purchases that will derail your diet.


Make sure you have your food with you, planned ahead.. then you don’t have to think..


The Second way you can stop the fuck it monster ruining your life is to simply not stress when you do eat something that isn’t in your plan.

Basically, until you have forgiven yourself, you are still processing the pain of having screwed up.. There is still unresolved pain.

I know that sounds crazy being we are only talking about food.. but its true..

You need to forgive yourself, it’s only then that you can truly move on.

If you keep being angry at yourself for screwing up, your brain is going to go to one of the best coping mechanisms it knows for stress…Food..

So, don’t do it..



The better I have got in my life at letting myself eat something off the plan every now and then, the better I am at not binge eating.

And, luckily its a self-perpetuating cycle.. the less I binge eat, the easier it is not to binge eat.


The same goes for organization and planning..

The more organized I am with the diet the less I fuck up.


Alright, guys, I hope that helps. I know I have done my share of screwing up my diet in my life.


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