3 Exercises To Help Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain



Disclaimer – If you have injured your back, probably still a wise idea to consult a physiotherapist or doctor first…

After injuring my back deadlifting in February this year, I have spent some serious time trying to get back to full fitness….

For anyone suffering from a low back injury, I certainly feel your pain.
Lower back pain can really screw up life. For a period of time..

I certainly had a time where I went through some depression and was scared I might not be able to work again in my profession as a personal trainer.. Due to hurting my back so bad…..

I had a period of time where I couldn’t sleep without pain, and even walking hurt in my lower back.. And sitting made it worse and worse.

Fortunately, through working on a positive mindset, and doing what I could do exercise wise, as well as eating predominantly a high protein diet … And avoiding things that trigger lower back pain… (prolonged sitting)… I am now on the road to a careful recovery, although I do feel still somewhat that I have a weakness there..and some nerve sensitivity….. But working on it…

We are getting there. .

Btw, for additional information, this year, I had an MRI done on my back which showed a disk protrusion (bulge) on L5 S1along with dehydration of the disk on the back left of my spine..

As to the correlation with this and the pain I experienced I am not sure, as I do not believe always that Disk condition is causative of lower back pain..

It is well known that an unhealthy lifestyle, poor posture and lack of strength can create lower back pain…. Although, I do feel I have some nerve sensitivity.

I believe working on factors such as diet, fitness, training, and sleep can help to lower back pain symptoms, regardless of disk condition.

Also, I believe that loading the spine gradually should be integrated as ahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X34ZpQYcR9s part of the recovery process if you wish to fully heal yourself and return to a normal active lifestyle…

Although I really would recommend the advice of a physiotherapist or skilled coach to help with your rehabilitation..

Anyway, these are 3 exercises that I implemented at the start of my recovery process that really helped and made a start to my training…


I hope that helps guys.

Like I said at the start, I am not a physiotherapist or a doctor, but these simple exercises helped me when I was at my worst.. Shortly after first injuring my back..

They were some movements I could do.




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