Eating 3 Meals a Day

I used to eat 5 or 6 meals a day.

If you asked me I’d say I ate 5/6 times a day following the little and often traditional bodybuilding type diet… although I think if you psychoanalysed me you’d find out I probably had a fear of being hungry and losing energy at work and therefore ate whenever I thought I was hungry..

But anyway.. I had my own revolution… which was that, perhaps I should try eating less.

So I cut down to 3 meals a day.. (Probably the first time since I had ever done this…)

At first it was hard..

I dealt with hunger..

But.. by cutting my meals/snacks down I improved my quality of life quite a bit… and I would recommend it.

You think about food less, and are less hungry..

Anyway, the problems of more frequent eating for me were..

1. Your never really satisfied from smaller meals, so you are still hungry and more likely to eat more food you don’t want…later.

2. I tended to eat more on the go, and less sitting down for a proper cooked meal, so actually enjoyed food a lot less.

3. I thought about food a lot more as I was always waiting for my last meal….

Switching to 3 meals a day and no snacks has these benefits

1. You get the benefit of eating a third or more of your daily calories in one sitting… meaning you are more full and satisfied from your food.

2. If your eating a proper meal you can think more carefully about what goes into it …. protein, carbs, fats, vegetables etc… and give yourself a better chance of achieving your goals… rather than grabbing snacks as you go.

3. You can spend more calories at each meal, which makes eating more enjoyable..


At first eating less can be challenging if you are used to eating every couple hours… however you will adapt… this actually frees up loads more creative energy for focusing on your projects you actually care about..
If you have struggles with fat loss or your weight then I recommend trying to eat 3 times a day not 5/6 times.


So..there you go guys, I hope that helps.

If you are serious about getting into shape, you have tried before and it hasn’t quite got the results you want….


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